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Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art that uses bare feet and hands as weapons.  The literal translation is "the art of kicking and punching."  Commonly called "Korean Karate," Tae Kwon Do is similar to karate in many ways, including its use of colored belts, ranging from white through black, to show rank.  All Tae Kwon Do students learn punches, blocks and self-defense techniques, but kicks are the Tae Kwon Do trademark. Kicks are divided into two categories: linear kicks such as the front, side and back kicks; and circular kicks such as a wheel, crescent, or round kick.  All of these techniques are used in sparring and can be delivered from either a stationary position or while jumping.


The "art" of Tae Kwon Do is most evident in its prearranged patterns called hyungs.  A hyung is a set of offensive and defensive movements performed in a sequence against multiple imaginary opponents.  Hyungs help to develop balance, speed, focus, timing, endurance, and power. For most students hyungs become a contest against the self and a way to strive for their personal best.


The five most important lessons to be learned in Tae Kwon Do are Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.  If students practice these five tenets, they will become good role models and will always set an example for others to follow.  In addition, they will exemplify the true philosophy of Tae Kwon Do, which is to become an honorable human being with perfect character and physical condition.


Kim's Tae Kwon Do is the largest Tae Kwon Do association in the Northwest.  All of our schools are supervised by Grandmaster Hong Sik Kim, who ensures that high standards are maintained by all students and instructors.  Kim's Tae Kwon Do schools practice traditional martial arts in a non-contact environment to avoid discrimination against any men, women or children who wish to study.  Through non-contact training, students learn to control themselves both mentally and physically without fear of injury.  Finally, and most importantly, all of Kim's Tae Kwon Do schools are dedicated to Progress, Peace and Love.

​"Though it is a martial art, its discipline, techniques, and mental training are the mortar for building a strong sense of justice, fortitude, humility, and resolve. It is this mental conditioning that separates the true practitioner from the sensationalist content with mastering only the fighting aspects"


~General Choi Hong-Hi

Founder of Tae Kwon Do




Tae Kwon Do helps increase your confidence, flexibility, balance, strength and control of your body.

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